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Dear Homeowner:

Do you want to sell your house quickly and still get a competitive price?  If your house is not selling as quickly as you’d like, is vacant or in need of repairs, we can help.  Campbell Home Solutions has been purchasing houses and helping homeowners for the past 20 years.  By listening to the sellers needs we can present an offer creating a win/win solution for all parties involved.  We work with people in many different situations in almost any area, price range, and condition.

It has always been standard practice to list your house with a Realtor and wait for a buyer to come to you.  Unfortunately, the longer your house is on the market the harder it is to sell. Most Buyers will assume there is something wrong with the house or it’s overpriced.  It has been our experience in today's market that a more creative and aggressive approach is necessary to sell houses.  Let us show you how we can purchase your house and allow you to move forward with your plans.  When Campbell Home Solutions gets involved, you can consider your house sold!

The following will provide additional information about purchase programs that we have found to be very successful in today's market.  Together we can decide which program will work best for both our needs.

We can make an all cash offer and close quickly!  After we agree on the purchase price, and verify the amount you owe on your mortgage, if the circumstances are right we may pay all cash at closing.  In many instances, we may come to closing with the ability to pay off your mortgage, and then you receive your equity.  In other instances we may work out monthly payments for your equity.

This is a great program for tired Landlords or anyone with unwanted property. 
We will Lease/Purchase your house, make your monthly payments, be responsible for all maintenance, and pay cash at closing.  We will also handle the management and the paperwork at no expense to you!

What is a Lease/Purchase?
A Lease/Purchase is essentially a Lease Agreement combined with a Purchase Agreement with pre-negotiated terms.  We lease the property while we are obtaining financing for our buyer and purchase the property within the terms of our Agreement.
Sales price, length of Agreement, escrow instructions, closing costs and maintenance are all negotiated, much the same as is done in a conventional real estate transaction.  A Lease/Purchase, if used properly is a seller and buyer's dream come true because it can eliminate many of the negatives normally attributed to selling your house.

Why should I consider Lease/Purchase?
1.  Top sales price for your property.
2.  We have many pre-qualified buyers that may occupy your house immediately.
3.  We will handle all maintenance and repairs.
4.  You retain the interest deductions for tax purposes.
5.  Over time your loan pays down
6.  Eliminate making mortgage payments and utilities on vacant properties.
7.  You save money- no advertising or Realtor commissions.
8. We can guarantee monthly payments shortly after acceptance of our Agreement.

Why don't I just list with a Realtor?
That is certainly an option, but obviously a Realtor won't make your mortgage payments for you while they're attempting to sell your house.  We will purchase your house, make your mortgage payments, and maintain your house until closing.

How long will it take to close?
We have had houses close as quickly as one month and others have taken several months.  It's important to realize that we don't get paid until the house closes, so it's in everybody's best interest to close quickly.  In the meantime, your mortgage payments will be made, your house maintained and you can move forward with your plans.

How do I know you will make my mortgage payments?
We would pay you and you would pay your mortgage company, or we can pay the mortgage company directly.  Our references can vouch for our prompt monthly payments.  If your payment were not made your lender would notify you immediately.  You are always in control, whichever method you choose.

What if the tenant does not take care of my house?
Remember, our objective is to thoroughly screen a qualified buyer who will purchase your house.  We will not be putting just a "tenant" in your house.  We are working with quality people that are close to being able to purchase.  These buyers have a vested interest in keeping the house in excellent condition, as they will be the next owner of the property.  Campbell Home Solutions accepts full responsibility for the condition of the property as stated in our agreement.

The bottom line
We make your mortgage payments; take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of your property.  We find a qualified buyer, get them to the closing table, and liquidate your investment so it doesn’t become a liability.  We specialize in buying houses using a Lease/Purchase Program to provide win/win solution for buyers and sellers.

If you’re not comfortable having the future Buyer living in your house, you may want to choose the Option Program.  You would make your own monthly payments.  We will spend our time, efforts, and resources to produce a cash buyer.  If that sounds more appealing to you and your house qualifies, we'll explain all the details when you call.

Let us help eliminate the stress and frustration normally associated with selling a house.  Remember, your house is one of your largest investments and every month that you wait may result in loss of money or opportunity.  There are no commissions to pay and no obligation when you call.  We will answer any questions you may have and provide you with excellent references.  Please call for more details (910) 270-4993.

Very Sincerely,

Greg A. Campbell
Campbell Home Solutions
(910) 270-4993