Campbell Home Solutions offers a simple plan to put you in the home of your dreams. You don't have to wait any longer, to get into home ownership; Our Lease to Own Program offers beautiful, newer homes in communities throughout our area.  Many benefits include the pride of home ownership, spacious yards, friendly neighborhoods, good schools, and many popular upgrades. You’ll have the opportunity to build equity while you lease, and have the option to purchase your home when the time is right for you. Start building your future today! Buyer Profile

EASY TO QUALIFY – If you're a transferee relocating to this area, self-employed or just need some time to strengthen your credit, our Lease to Own program is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase a home. Our focus is on your ability to pay your monthly lease payment, and your future potential for purchasing your home.  If there are credit issues to overcome, this can be worked on, and corrected while you’re living in your new home.  With a little time, most credit issues can be corrected.  Self-employed?  This plan is a terrific alternative to traditional means of home ownership. If you have transferred to this area a little time might be needed to start a new job, sell an existing home or just time to prepare for purchase. Whatever the reason may be; our Lease to Own program is your answer. Fill out the Buyer Profile to get started.

EQUITY GROWTH – With a Lease to Own, the purchase price is established the day you move in, and does not change throughout the term of your Agreement. As the value of your home increases so does your equity position; which is another great benefit you'll see when you close on your home with our program.

REASONABLE MONTHLY PAYMENTS – Typically, with a Lease to Own, your monthly payments will be less than it would cost to own the same home, the monthly savings can be put away and used to increase your down payment at the time of your purchase.  Our monthly payments start as low as $995 per month.

OCCUPANCY – Depending on your situation, you can occupy your new home in just a few days.  We can arrange the date around your current living situation as well.

DOWN PAYMENT AND RENT CREDITS – An affordable down payment is required. Your down payment, and monthly rent credit, will be deducted from your purchase price when you close on your new home, reducing the amount of money needed at closing.

QUALITY OF HOMES – Most of the homes we offer are under 10 years old, and are in excellent move-in condition.  Homes range from 1,000 to over 4,000 sq. ft.

Move into your new home today and start building your future! Begin by filling out our Buyer Profile as completely as possible. If you have any further questions, please call (910) 270-9611.

We have Lease to Own Homes in Wilmington NC, Lease to Own Homes Leland NC, Lease to Own Homes Hampstead NC, Lease to Own Homes Charlotte NC