Expired or Cancelled Listing?

Your house has been listed for months. You may even have had a lot of showings in the beginning.  And what do you have to show for all that time, work and effort?  Your house is still for sale!   

The longer your house sits on the market, the less desirable it becomes to most buyers.  The buyers are thinking that there must be something wrong otherwise it would have been sold by now.  Most buyers tend to overlook an old listing for this reason, and pass over your house without giving it a second thought.  

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your house may not have sold.  You may never know the real reason; all you hear are excuses blaming the market, your price, and your house.  Your Agent’s easy answer is to lower the price!

So you change realtors thinking that the second or third realtor will make all the difference.  This only leads to more disappointment until you finally say, forget it and take it off the market.  There was a reason you put your house on the market in the first place, most likely your reason has not gone away. 

We have a better answer; let Campbell Home Solutions be your buyer!


Let us eliminate the stress and frustrations frequently associated with selling your house.  Your house is an important investment, and every month that you wait may result in additional expenses and/or lost opportunities.  If you can give us a few moments of your time, we can explain what Campbell Home Solutions can do for you.  Call Today!(910) 270-4993, or click on our Seller Profile.